HOE-LY TRINITY: Sexting Scandal Hits Simcoe!

Sexting and picture trading is apparently rampant in Holy Trinity High School and other schools in Norfolk County. No word whether Simcoe Composite, Delhi District, or Valley Heights Secondary Schools are having the same problem. Here is the story from CHCH Hamilton.

By the way parents, you should be watching what your children are doing with technology. Seriously, some people may be ruining their lives here. By the way, LMFAO at the second pic, a rage comic referring to Holy Trinity.

Holy Trinity Catholic High School, Simcoe, Ontario

Holy Trinity Girls Y U Send Nudes

16 thoughts on “HOE-LY TRINITY: Sexting Scandal Hits Simcoe!

  1. Its about damn time the school was brought to light. For years we would bring to the principal and teachers the bullying my daughter endured and not a bloody thing was done about it, and how do I know this? Because we would give them the names of the bullies, and nothing. Oh, we would get the whole speech on how bullying is not tolerated and this will be dealt with immediately crap, but nothing. It got to a point where our daughter didn’t bother going back, she just quit school all together. I have to hand it to the young man and his mother for standing up against HT and the School Board, threats of lawsuits? Please let them peacock, that’s their way of seeing who flinches first. But unfortunately I feel that the School Board and HT are going to find an excuse to ask the guy to never come back to HT.
    Word to the Police: Don”t think that any of those teachers are innocent, better get into the First Class email before they do, I bet they have been trading a few to . . . .
    As for you parents that knew of this going on, shame on you all, no wonder our kids only know how to talk in text now, your afraid of your kids and your trying to be a best friend instead of a parent, great job to all of you. Why are you afraid of your kids? Is it because you think they will hate you? They will, for a little while, so what. They get over it. Take the damn data plans away, as a matter of fact, why do they have phones, don’t you remember how we grew up, where’s the nearest payphone? Why is it that you think its so important that your Grade 9 or 10 child needs that top of the line Smart phone? Note to all parents, we are not punishing them by making them work for a living, so why are you supplying them with a phone? Make them earn it themselves, let them see what its like to be grown up and pay a bill.

    It’s too bad that all those girls out there subjected themselves to this, especially now since I heard that there are over 1000+ pics out there. God helps us all that this is our future generation and as parents we are going to be relying on them for survival when we get older.

    Great Job getting a handle on it Holy Trinity, seems like you really succeeded in it, by all accounts the schools morality has gone from great to toilet status in 3 short years, even worse in 2. Must feel great to be a teacher there, even a high level staff. But wait, you didn’t know it was so bad, ya, whatever, lets see what the investigation pulls out, oops, a pun.

  2. My daughter goes to Holy Trinity. Grade 10 and she was disgusted with the CHCH story. They should have researched a bit more. The ‘brave’ boy that came forward is actually the one the harassed her and other girls about getting photos. He is obviously doing this to appear like an innocent when his friends and their photos should have been posted all over the news like the girls.

  3. Let us see how many of these teens still have cell phones after this investigation ends. How many people wil continue to blame the school boards for the actions of the individuals taking, sending, and resending the photos? Yes, they should have responded with some kind of public meeting and mandatory educational counselling programs when they first heard of the situation. However, it is up to the people providing the child with the media instruments to educate them on the proper uses and how misuse can cause major problems. Come on people. Have these kids and parents never heard of child pornography? That is what these pictures are. From articles I have previously read (sorry, I don’t have the references on hand) teens who have taken images of themselves and sent them have been charged in the past, along with the individuals who have forwarded them. These actions may have changed several lives irrevocably. I hope they are all ready to deal with the consequences.

  4. This is a rebuttal to Rose’s comment. If what you say were true Rose, what would he benefit from by blowing the whistle on this disgusting issue? I don’t believe what you say for a second Rose, sorry. What it sounds like is that your daughter has been caught and you are pulling a trick that Politicians use when they are caught at something they shouldn’t have been doing. Look, I applaud the young man and his mother for coming forward and saying what they they said, that took a huge amount of courage and that to me doesn’t sound like what you described.
    What your saying is that because he got turned down for some pics from your daughter and other girls, he had a temper tantrum and blew the whistle on everyone else? Over 2000+ pictures available to him and he cans it all because he could get your daughters and her friends?
    Come on Rose, that’s ridiculous and just plain stupid. He did it because he finally found his morals. He was sent a batch of pictures and decided that they were enough and shared it with Mom who then decided it was time to involve the OPP. The smartest thing a parent could do, I sure hope your daughter not in those pics Rose, a friend of mine works on creating Internet security software, and when I asked him what happens to shared pics like these that become available on the net, he pretty much said that when girls like them come across the monitor of pedophiles that monitor the net for just such pics, they are sold so fast overseas for quickcash that your daughter becomes the new face of a porn movie and posters by the next day while she is sitting in class learning math.
    So before you go thinking of blaming the guy for what he did, maybe thank him for saving your daughters respectability.

    Again, GREAT JOB to the mother and the young man who blew the whistle on this disgusting practice. And to all the parents out there who think he was wrong, if and when your daughter shows up on a porno movie poster from Thialand and she is doing whatever to wherever on her body, ask yourself why……

  5. John, You don’t have any of your facts right. Rose is 100% correct. As a parent of a son who was shown many of these pictures, this guy along with many of his friends have hundreds they were proud to pass along. It was only after he got caught with them did his story change on how disgusted he was with the whole thing and with the girls at HT. He certainly didn’t feel that way when he was showing and sending their pictures around the school.

  6. John my daughter wasn’t involved she refused to participate in what happens to be the in crowd thing to do. I think what happened with this boy is his Mom found the pictures and he decided he better become a saint real fast to keep from being punished for being a perv. You can support the hero all you want. I just hope he hasn’t pulled the wool over his mothers eyes. I asked some boys taking a victory lap and they said that this boy and his friends are the main players in this. So don’t shoot the messenger its not just one kids saying this.

  7. I have also heard from a student from HT, that this so called hero was one of the worst offenders, what teenage boy is offended by nuddy pictures of girls???? Come on are you that dense?? He was just covering his ass.

  8. If parents don’t know that sexting is happening then they are the ones out of touch with reality. It is the new, modern age version of “sex behind the bleachers”.

    I do not condone the sexting that happened, but parents need to get with the times and realize that the teens are maturing and experimenting at a more rapid pace than we did ourselves.

    Technology happens and teens will find a way around it. Take the phone away entirely, banish the internet… only way to stop it folks.

    Also, need to update laws circa 1980s. A girl who has a nude photo of herself can be charged with child pron if she is herself still underage. The laws were made prior to the mere idea of the internet and smart phone age, so perhaps law makers and decision makers need to start thinking of how to handle these cases too.

  9. This stuff is sickening. There is a picture in this clip that was sent around with my name on it. The boy who sent it around did it as ”revenge” for me refusing to send him a picture when he asked and showing his girlfriend what he had said. Needless to say, Ive been targeted by the entire school.
    Society is pleasant….

  10. If you seriously think the boy came out with these ‘pictures’ with good intentions, you are seriously mistaken.

    His mother found them on his phone/computer, of COURSE he’s playing the ‘it’s not my fault I got sent these pictures!’ card. You don’t just get naked pictures of hundreds of girls by accident. He’s a major douche himself, I would know. He probably contributed to the pile by asking these girls.

    How pathetic of him and his mother for making this issue public just to get on camera. It should have been brought to the school and only the school.

  11. I’m the Mom of this boy, Mackenzie is his name, and just to make you ‘haters’ aware. Mackenzie received and acted on the photos of his own accord. He posted on facebook how appalled he was at the photos and ‘selfies’ of the girls bare breasts and vaginas along with their faces showing. Seriously, to the mothers who are trashing him – he is not that guy you are trying to paint, you are defending who? your own daughters? Perhaps you are ashamed that your child doesn’t have the integrity or kindness or courage that my son does and instead of looking at the facts you make up some B.S. to support your fears. What’s pathetic is that it took someone age 16 to do something while you 30, 40 somethings feed your children’s every whim then act shocked when you find out they abused their privileges. He was not ‘caught’. Emily, very sad of you to name call – you are just one more girl he refuses to date or be seen in public with I’m sure of it. Amber, so sorry your photo was not there but your name was attached to one, we are pretty sure this boy had to pay for the crime of compiling and sending and tagging you was inappropriate and you should seek some legal recourse as you are entitled to do so. I would support you 100% as I too believe it wasn’t you. It’s too bad CH chose the photos they did because they could have used any photos online of anyone but decided to use what has been sent around and still comes around. My sons conscious is clear and John, thank you whoever you are ! . It brought light to a horrible issue and it’s not just the girls doing it, it’s the boys compiling and sharing – shame on them and for parents playing dumb and not educating or researching how social networking can destroy someones reputation. What’s really interesting is people seem to forget there is also 2 students in the news report and one is a girl and she is just as ashamed at her girlfriends for posing and posting and sexting. A wonderful young lady just as my son is a wonderful young man and will go on to do wonderful things with his life and not sit around Norfolk letting the parents of these girls harass him. Because it’s the parents not his peers that care the most. Interestingly enough I didn’t know who any of the girls were until the parents came forward and threatened to sue the network – they ‘outed’ their own daughters who’s faces were blurred but toilets weren’t – well done!! while you are cleaning up your daughters reputation, please clean your bathrooms, disgusting.

  12. ^ all this mom does is cause issues in norfolk, this isnt the first time shes done something like this, grow up and stoping acting like a 2 month old,seeking attention. And honestly your last senentence just proves it all.

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