As you already know, Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Simcoe is now infamous for their “sexting” scandal. While students have been passing lewd and nude photos around with each other, the even scarier thing is the reaction from parents, who have been blaming the media for talking about this, and the people who have been googling for this story.

People Searching for Holy Trinity Images, Sexting, Simcoe
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By the way, people who dropped by Generation Zel! Radio, thank you! Today has been one of the busiest days in the site’s recent history. But the search terms some people have been using scare me. Some terms have people looking for the unblurred photos, while others seem to be looking for videos as well (What?)…. which leads me to believe only one thing. Chris Hansen needs to come to Simcoe and set up a swat at Holy Trinity. We’ll call it “To Catch A Predator: Norfolk Edition” and we’ll round up all the pedos that have been searching for nude photos. I have provided a graphic already.

Holy Trinity Catholic School, To Catch a Predator, Chris Hansen

So someone get in contact with NBC, will ya? By the way, Norfolk OPP have said there will be no charges, but rest assured, if you are an adult passing out these photos, they will charge you.

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