Hot or Not: Jenna Talackova

Jenna Talackova

Does this pic look hot to you? a Miss Universe contender maybe? What if you found out Miss Universe was once a Mister?

A beauty pageant has booted a contestant out the competition after discovering the buxom blonde was born a boy.

The Miss Universe Canada organizers threw out Jenna Talackova when they found out she had undergone surgery to become a woman.

The transgendered contestant had already successfully reached the finals in the Miss Vancouver pageant before she was banned from continuing in the competition.

Although the pageant organizers described Talackova as a ‘real girl’ they disqualified her arguing that the rules state that each contestant must be a ‘naturally born female.’

You can go shower now.

10 thoughts on “Hot or Not: Jenna Talackova

  1. nasty. stick legs, probably adams apple up close and i’m sure a weird voice as well as butchered area where his cock used to be.

  2. VERY BEAUTIFUL, would spend life with her no problem.. the past is the past, as long as she is happy is the main point here.. reinstate her to the pageant…

  3. The “Donald” probably got turned down by this beauty and he gets her dumped from the Pageany. Money talks

  4. I don’t have a problem with actual hermaphrodites.. it’s the people who decide to let some fucking QUACK carve them up because they aren’t happy with the life they’ve been given. Fuck that & fuck them… getting butchered isn’t achieving anything, and it’s certainly not an ‘inspiration’… you never accomplished anything.. and guess what? Those drugs you take to prevent you reverting back? They are destroying your kidneys & liver.. congrats and the HUGE jump in potential for cancer too. Hope it was worth it.

  5. She is so hot even thiugh she was a guy before. Although i would never like a trans gender i like her a lot. She is the hottest trans gender. I would do her anyday. I dont care if she was a guy, she is a woman now, the past is the past and the present is what matters. She is soooooooo hot though. I love her.( not actually love )

  6. Nicole she is hot but she does not have a cock. shes a female like you. do you have a cock?lol. she has been accepted for playboy and she has a movie offer as a female femme fatale. if she was a male she would not be called to be in playboy. shes hotter than most women in the world

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