Things like this sicken me. Upon doing some work in the Wellington – Darling apartment complex today, I came across this sign on a door:


So this gentleman, who fought for this country, had his sign ripped down by some callous individual who clearly has no respect for vetrans, no respect for Canada, and no respect for themselves.

I take this very personally. While I may not have fought for our country, I love, revere, and respect those who do. Our troops died so that we could express ourselves. So we could have freedom, so that we could debate one another. Make money. Live a great life.

To see that someone has no respect for that, shows that they don’t even have respect for themselves, and that’s shameful. I feel sorry for this person.

So here’s the call out. If you know who did this, comment in the thread, or pm me personally on twitter @RichieRoby. In the meantime, let’s have some respect for those who fought that we could be free.

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