Bimbo Jones Radio Show – October 19 Weekend

The Bimbo Jones Radio Show airs each Friday, Saturday and Sunday Night at 9pm ET, here on Generation Zel! Radio.

Supafly – Happiness (Full intention)
Kristine W & Bimbo Jones – Everything that I got (Baggi piano mix)
Lee Dagger & Freedah Soul (X –vertigo mix)
Burns – Lies (Otto knows remix)
Christina Walls – carry me to paradise (Seroussi & Potec mix)
Zoe Badwi – Shoot me down (Bimbo jones DUB remix)
Asaf Avidan – Reckoning song (X-vertigo & Raphael Pujol)
Chuckie & Amanda Wilson – Breaking up
Daft Punk – one more time (Joey C and Victor remix)
AFA connection feat: Jenny B – found love
Sam Obernik – Betty Davis eyes
Sak Noel – Pase
Jesse Rose VS the star wars Max Rebo band- Fatman
Bingo Players – Rattle
Bimbo Jones – And I try

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