Brantford Mayor Chris Friel – Don’t Call Him A Liberal

Apparently, calling Chris Friel out for appearing to stump for the Liberals gets you a seat in the twitter penalty box, I have learned today.

Through a simple retweet of a link and calling him a “Liberal,” Chris Friel’s thin skin was apparently penetrated enough to warrant this:

Chris Friel, Blocked, Twitter, RichieRoby, Angry Twitter

A Block from Twitter.

Upon talking to others who live in this city, I mean, after all he is the Mayor of Brantford, not just a simple citizen, this is a typical response to those who do not agree with him. Here is another account that he blocked recently, yet still references in tweets:

Chris Friel, Block, Twitter, citizens, Mayor, Brantford

By the way, once you have blocked a user, they cannot see you tweeting to them, Mr. Mayor.

Furthermore, upon looking through the mayor’s twitter account, I see a number of terse conversations he has on a regular basis, with citizens and boards alike.

Chris Friel, Twitter, Angry, Downtown Brantford, Mayor

Chris Friel clearly doesn’t like dissenting opinions, or challenges. But wait didn’t he invite that not earlier in the year, with a convo he had with me?

Chris Friel, Questioned, mayor, Brantford

Speaking of earlier conversations, I remember sharing a laugh with the mayor about clementines recently… very cordial.

Chris Friel, Mayor, Brantford, Twitter, Cordial

So why the thin-skinnedness, Mr Mayor? Why are you so upset about chat on twitter, that you would block a fellow citizen for questioning a decision? Or retweeting a link? Or calling you a Liberal?

By the way, Chris, didn’t you run for the 2004 Liberal nomination for the Brant riding, therefore making my assertion that you are a Liberal very on the mark? And what about this retweet?

Chris Friel, Liberal, Kevin O Leary, CBC, Left wing,

Look, Chris. You can block whoever you want. It’s your twitter account that you are “claiming” to be representing the whole city of Brantford. But clearly, you are not. You are representing only those who will say yes, and those who will kowtow to you. Which is a shame, but not surprising. That’s very typical of a Liberal.

Unlike yourself (as represented by twitter*), I will not block or run away from criticism, but rather embrace it. I can learn from those I disagree with, even more than those I agree with.

Chris Friel, Brantford, Mayor, Come at me Bro, Liberal, Blocking, Twitter, Shame

UPDATE 7:45pm – Chris Friel has dumped his twitter account, but not before dropping one more status:

Chris Friel, Mayor, brantford, tweet

The irony in that last tweet is astounding.

4 thoughts on “Brantford Mayor Chris Friel – Don’t Call Him A Liberal


    For years I have had nothing but respect for this longtime member of council. I have always thought he tried to look out for all the citizens of Brantford. I have always considered him an intelligent person, that was until he sent me the following email:

    Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2013 13:44:54 -0400
    Subject: Re: Water for Mohawk Workers

    They do not have a judgment against the city. You have not seen any such thing But it is your story you tell it like you want. They are occupying a building that the city has title to. If they want to use it by a lease I am okay with that. John your opinion is just that an opinion and not very factual. You are entitled your opinion to but I will not support giving city property away to people who broke in and occupied a city property. Look forward to seeing you in court.

    Ward Four
    Councillor Richard Carpenter

    I would to bring your attention to the following statement:
    “people who broke in and occupied a city property”.

    The above statement clearly states that the Natives that are occupying the building at 440 Mohawk St. committed a crime. More to the point they committed “348. Every one who breaks and enters a place with intent to commit an indictable offense therein.

    Now this a very serious accusation made by Councillor Richard Carpenter. He has clearly stated that the Natives that are occupying the building at 440 Mohawk St. Have done so by means of committing a crime against the Crown, a crime in which no action has been taken.

    So, I’m left asking the following questions:

    1 – why was this very serious crime officially reported to the Brantford Police Department ?

    2 – why, after becoming aware of this serious crime, didn’t the Brantford Police Department react? As I understand it, the crime is against the Crown not the city. Which should make the wishes of the Brantford Municipal Government irrelevant.

    I have decided to make Councillor Carpenters statement to me public because I believe it is very important for the public, both non-Native as well as Native, to know what at least one member of our municipal government feels about the Natives occupying 440 Mohawk St. Yet he does nothing about it, even though he has accused them of a very serious crime.

  2. The Canadian jurisprudence has interpreted “building code negligence” in such a way that has resulted in relatively broad municipal liability as compared to the English and American positions3 by:
    ? expanding the class of persons to whom a private law duty of care is owed by municipalities to, essentially, anyone who may be harmed by faulty construction including subsequent purchasers, visitors, neighbours and mortgagees;
    ? expanding the scope of the duty of care through demanding interpretations of the standard of care applicable in particular instances; and,
    ? narrowing the applicability of defences available to municipalities such as limitations defences4 and contributory negligence.
    In addition, most provincial governments have been reluctant to grant statutory immunity to municipalities or place limitations on the duty or standard of care associated with building inspections, or to limit joint and several liability.

  3. The following is the ONLY exchange I EVER had with Friel on twitter. You be the judge. Would you shut down your twitter account over this?

    @RichieRoby @mayorchrisfriel @mary_ogradySo Friel there have been no negative effects from the casino?R u serious?Do u ever pay attention?
    09:28 PM – 20 Feb 13

    @MayorChrisFriel @RichieRoby gladly. Will have 2 email the info 2 u. Info thats right out there 4 any1 in the public 2 read. Or ignore.
    09:46 PM – 20 Feb 13

    @MayorChrisFriel @RichieRoby gladly. Will have 2 email the info 2 u. Info thats right out there 4 any1 in the public 2 read. Or ignore.
    09:46 PM – 20 Feb 13

    @BetterBrantford @mayorchrisfriel @RichieRoby actually Friel my campaign manager is going 2release the info the public at a later date.
    11:59 PM – 20 Feb 13


    This letter is for the people in Brantford that are NOT cheerleaders, or back slappers of Mayor Friel.

    Have any of you noticed when you challenge a statement, and or, disagree with him on a project passed by council you are issued the following statement by Friel

    Rude, insulting and, bullying and or,

    You have no idea what you are talking about…spare me your ignorance and move on nothing to see here move on please.

    This is done after Friel makes statements as follows

    I live across the spectrum I represent all people…I have no fear of the right. Might not agree, but no fear or,

    Questioned every day and I relish the challenge and or,

    I live across the spectrum; I represent all people…I have no fear of the right. Might not agree, but no fear.

    Which is it Mr. Mayor, do you represent all the citizens of Brantford, and relish the questions from all the citizens?? Or do you try to hush those that really question your actions and come straight at with the hard questions??

    It doesn’t matter how, or even if you respond to this. For those of us who are not your cheerleaders, or back slappers, we already know the truth. But don’t worrying we also know the truth about members of council. I promise you, and council that its all coming out in Election ’14.

    Not a threat in any way shape or form. Just a promise. The one thing you and, members of council should know about me is I ALWAYS keep my promise.

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