Apparently, calling Chris Friel out for appearing to stump for the Liberals gets you a seat in the twitter penalty box, I have learned today.

Through a simple retweet of a link and calling him a “Liberal,” Chris Friel’s thin skin was apparently penetrated enough to warrant this:

Chris Friel, Blocked, Twitter, RichieRoby, Angry Twitter

A Block from Twitter.

Upon talking to others who live in this city, I mean, after all he is the Mayor of Brantford, not just a simple citizen, this is a typical response to those who do not agree with him. Here is another account that he blocked recently, yet still references in tweets:

Chris Friel, Block, Twitter, citizens, Mayor, Brantford

By the way, once you have blocked a user, they cannot see you tweeting to them, Mr. Mayor.

Furthermore, upon looking through the mayor’s twitter account, I see a number of terse conversations he has on a regular basis, with citizens and boards alike.

Chris Friel, Twitter, Angry, Downtown Brantford, Mayor

Chris Friel clearly doesn’t like dissenting opinions, or challenges. But wait didn’t he invite that not earlier in the year, with a convo he had with me?

Chris Friel, Questioned, mayor, Brantford

Speaking of earlier conversations, I remember sharing a laugh with the mayor about clementines recently… very cordial.

Chris Friel, Mayor, Brantford, Twitter, Cordial

So why the thin-skinnedness, Mr Mayor? Why are you so upset about chat on twitter, that you would block a fellow citizen for questioning a decision? Or retweeting a link? Or calling you a Liberal?

By the way, Chris, didn’t you run for the 2004 Liberal nomination for the Brant riding, therefore making my assertion that you are a Liberal very on the mark? And what about this retweet?

Chris Friel, Liberal, Kevin O Leary, CBC, Left wing,

Look, Chris. You can block whoever you want. It’s your twitter account that you are “claiming” to be representing the whole city of Brantford. But clearly, you are not. You are representing only those who will say yes, and those who will kowtow to you. Which is a shame, but not surprising. That’s very typical of a Liberal.

Unlike yourself (as represented by twitter*), I will not block or run away from criticism, but rather embrace it. I can learn from those I disagree with, even more than those I agree with.

Chris Friel, Brantford, Mayor, Come at me Bro, Liberal, Blocking, Twitter, Shame

UPDATE 7:45pm – Chris Friel has dumped his twitter account, but not before dropping one more status:

Chris Friel, Mayor, brantford, tweet

The irony in that last tweet is astounding.

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