I was going to write a series of posts on this anyway, on how to spot a real charity vs. those who “cloak themselves in good feelings.” However, I don’t think I could have put it any better than in a response to a comment on the original Yellow Bin post here.

Please, read carefully and ignore the spelling and grammar errors. The comment comes from Sarah G.

Okay, so you dont think that this kind od stuff doesnt happen to the E.C.C.A. bins is that what your trying to get at because come on boys this isnt kindergarden or preschool you have to be at least smart enough to realize that this is all one sided. I was brought up that their are two sides to every story and well we obviously only know the editors side of the story in turn looks liketo be speaking for the people who run the Kidney Foundation bins. E.C.C.A. is indeed a non-profit organization which in turn means that they are not a charity. There is in fact a distinct difference. Look it up with the Canada Revenue Agency and do your own research. You will infact find that this company is a legitimate organization. As you can clearly see from the pictures that the editor of this article as included states right on the front of the yellow bins that E.C.C.A. is a non profit organization. I am also sure that if you were to ask any if the gentleman that work for E.C.C.A. they could probably also inform you that at some point over there years of operation that their bins have also been a target some where along the lines. I know it may sound crazy but lets be honest here. Who is to say that the people who run the pick up for these particular bins from the Kidney Foundation didnt do this inorder to receive some attention. They realized that they need to try to do something drastic inorder to receive a higher volume in donations. Maybe they are upset that people would rather donate to the E.C.C.A. bins then to theirs. Yes I see the E.C.C.A. bins everywhere but come on people these bins may be all over the city but they are not an eye sore. They are always kept clean they are emptied on a regular basis. Who cares what time of day they are emptied so long. The fact that they are kept clean and well maintained shows a lot if citizens that the gentalman that runs this business for the city of Brantford and it surrounding area takes pride in his job and in this community. Yes maybe he put the bin on your business property and didnt ask you first but if he maintanes it then was the big deal really. It is ‘a 4 foot by 4 foot piece of property, probably unused, that these bins use up 9 times out of 10 times. Come on, if you cant see the eco-friendly side of this business rather than believing that you are the victims of a scam. The real scammers here are the CHARITY outfits such as the sally anne (salvation army) or how about canadian diabetes association (that would rather maintain their routes once a week, so your donations end up as waste because they’re soaking wet or scattered across parking lots) and companies such as goodwill for example. these charities keep the money right in their own greedy pockets, with volunteers to help, and over priced goods in their thrift stores. Not to mention you know that the items that they can not sell, that remain in circulation for extended periods of time from store to store until they too are loaded into a container right beside the others being shipped off to Africa or god knows where just the same as the rest. Believe it people it’s called economics. Oh and not to mention the CEO of good will has a 7 figure income. I know that E.C.C.A. does give back to the community. I also know that E.C.C.A give donations to Sick Kids Childrens hopsital as well as a could other places. Sick Kids was the main one that has stuck in my head as I have been there on many different occasions with members of my family. The employees of E.C.C.A. have kept up with their promise of regular and routine service, and prompt emergency cleanups if needed. You know all the lovey crap that some disgusting people seem to think is worth donating for example rotten couches or beds. One phone call and someone is their the same day to clean this filth up. In my opinion they do a great job of a filthy business. For godness sake folks, look past your own greedy pockets and think for a minute about the environmental impact that this business has developed. The gentleman that work for the E.C.C.A. organization are friendly, well kept individuals who if take the time to do their part for the community as well. They do not under any circumstances keep anything that they empty out if the bins it is against company policy as well as I am sure that they are aware that it is not worth liosing their jobs over. Is it really as bad as you are making it out to be? They are not scammers but working people too. Try working with them and you too will see for yourselves just how much of a good thing that this really is. Come on try it really. What do you have to loose?

And here’s my response.

Sarah, your response is about 15 times longer than the article. You are right, E.C.C.A. is not a charity. They do not have a donation number on their box. Again, right. I’ll tell you that I am not speaking for any charity, since I wrote the article. I speak as someone who observes and reports what I see.

E.C.C.A. may be a legitimate organization, but I’ll show you pictures where they claim you are donating, which cloaks as charity. They are trying to have it both ways “Look charitable without being a charity.” What percentage of the money raised by this group is going to actual charities and what percentage is going to owners, wages and management? As far as I’m concerned, if the percentage is not acceptable than they need not bother putting bins all over the city.

So lets get into that debate, about “unused spaces” in the city. First of all, it’s not YOUR right to place bins where ever you feel like. Do I have a right to put a “genzel.ca” sticker on every one of your bins? No cause it’s your property. Same goes for placing bins on other people’s property. Can I just place a box at your home as long as I keep it clean? Get real. And these big yellow bins are an eyesore. I actually consider them to be a blight in the parking lot.

Sarah, the Salvation Army, as well as the Kidney Foundation, or the Canadian Diabetes Association, have audited records which I can request AT ANY time. Can I get that from E.C.C.A? Can I even get on their website? No, no I cannot, so as far as I’m concerned the E.C.C.A. is giving the illusion of helping people out when essentially it is salvagers and scavengers scrounging for donations that would have otherwise gone to charity. You mean to tell me you are too lazy to call for a C.D.A. pickup or drive it to a charity on your own? Yes, that is exactly what you are telling me. By the way, tossing a few donations someone’s way does not a charity or even a good neighbour make. I could care less how much E.C.C.A. donated, they are still not a charity!

And lets get into the greedy pockets speech. How much does the head of E.C.C.A. make? I’ll never find out, cause I can’t see the audited records, even after asking for them Sarah. How much are the district managers making? Are they being paid by commission based on the bins they force on people? These are things I CAN find out from charities, I cannot find out from E.C.C.A. P.S. Goodwill states they are not a charity. Again, at least they are upfront.

As far as the E.C.C.A. being “nice people,” I’ve known a lot of nice people who work for the wrong cause. The road to hell was paved with best intentions. Sarah, unless I see some audited records, you are 100% wrong on this. They are gleaning parasites in this city stealing clothing intended for donations and charity. I’ve tried working with them, as someone seeking information. Guess what? Stonewalling me only shows me how much they have to hide.

Good Day. By the way “Sarah G” I’ll sign my full name to the comment.

Richard Robillard
Generation Zel! Radio

Brantford, know the difference between a charity, and a non-profit. Make the right choice.

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