Laurent Schark’s Selections Ep. 291

You can hear Laurent Schark’s Selections on Generation Zel! Radio Friday and Saturday at 11pm and Sunday at 8pm.

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !

Damn, it’s so hot in London right now.
Let me share my new episode with you and then I go take a 4th shower lol

Paul Kennedy – Nobody’s Fool (Suiss Remix)
Froxic – The Arising (Original Mix)
Auvic & Rob Gasser – Superior (Original Mix)
Trampboat – Fresh Off The Boat (Original Mix)
Chris Poirier & Rob Gasser – Pristine (Original Mix)
Mat Zo & Porter Robinson – Easy – Extended Mix
Trampboat – Always (Original Mix)
LOOPERS – Nitro (Original Mix)
Chris Poirier & Auvic – Enticing (Original Mix)
Sexofoniks – Summerizing (Andrew Consoli & Laurent Schark Original Mix)
The Scene Kings Feat. The Outfield – Your Love 2013 (Extended Mix)
Frisber – Deep In Your Soul (FetOo Remix)
Miles Dyson & Aaren San – Zooloo (Pleasurekraft Remix)

Laurent Schark

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