A great follow-up to the story I told you about last week. Brantford really proved itself this past weekend.

It’s somewhat fitting that yesterday the Brantford Red Sox cam back from behind to win the IBL Championship. Today we find that Brantford can come back from behind the actions of one asshat to show that not only do we appreciate the work of a great community member like Robert, we can step up and show that Brantford and the online social communities surrounding him are truly supportive of a champion like him.

Let’s hear it from Robert’s Own words though:

“The Social Business Hangout is back in business with a vengeance. Thank you to Jamie for setting up the recovery campaign. The online community for stepping up and supporting both the purchase of a new laptop and the ideals behind the Brantford-based podcast series. Matt from Solo Cable for pushing us over the campaign goal with a generous private donation. The consulting hours perks that Matt claimed are being donated to Lansdowne Children Centre (more on that later).”

Brantford really stepped up even beyond my expectations, and I was setting them high. Special kudos to Jamie Stephens and Matt from Solo Cable for their extra efforts! Now Robert Lavigne can continue to do the great work he has been doing for the community. Thanks everyone! This was a real come from behind BRANTastic moment for all!

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