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Generation Zel! Radio http://www.genzel.ca The Beat of the Nation Sat, 20 Jan 2018 03:32:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.4 Check Out: Thas Wassup by Rogerthomas http://www.genzel.ca/check-out-thas-wassup-by-rogerthomas/ http://www.genzel.ca/check-out-thas-wassup-by-rogerthomas/#respond Tue, 02 Aug 2016 14:41:04 +0000 http://genzel.ca/?p=113 Have you checked out Rogerthomas’ new track “Thas Wassup” yet? According to ShowerHacks.com, This track is a subtle and hearty blend of glitch-pop and acoustic elements with an electronic flare.

From the artist himself: “The song is an instrumental summertime anthem, crafted with love and precision, that will have you feeling all types of ways.”

“Thas Wassup” is the single off the forthcoming “Forever Yung” EP. You can find Rogerthomas on Facebook, and on soundcloud.

You can hear Thats Wassup in regular rotation here on Generation Zel! Radio, and our sister station, All Hits 86.6.


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Sarantos Releases “Perfection From Every Angle” http://www.genzel.ca/sarantos-releases-perfection-from-every-angle/ http://www.genzel.ca/sarantos-releases-perfection-from-every-angle/#respond Sun, 17 Jul 2016 19:24:52 +0000 http://genzel.ca/?p=102 Sarantos releases his latest single, “Perfection From Every Angle,” which you can hear on Generation Zel! Radio in regular rotation.

Sarantos continues releasing a new song and music video every month in 2016 as he unveils his highly anticipated 3rd album. This CD will expand on his unique signature style that merges 80s rock with modern pop rock music while continuing with edgy experimentation! Fans and fellow musicians marvel at his humble down-to-earth demeanor, his dedication to his mission and the wealth of free content that continues to drop every month along with his contributions to charity!

His 1st solo album dropped in 2014 and Sarantos has released 2 new CDs every year since. He has tackled almost every genre imaginable ranging from pop, rock, jazz, rap and country. Fans continue to bask in his passion and creativity while enjoying surprises such as a Christmas album, solo instrumental CD, bonus covers, a steady stream of radio interviews and much more. Fans wonder what’s next.

Sarantos unique sound has been best described by industry insiders as “an emotionally powerful vocal style masterfully united with music that is a fusion of classic 80s rock blended with modern soft rock and pop music!”

Since 2014, Sarantos has won over 29 awards with Akademia LA Music,
Beat 100 while also being nominated for the International Music & Entertainments Awards
and the Hollywood Songwriting Awards.

Even without ever using a professional music studio, label, ad agency or radio promoters, his songs “Dreamer” & “What If I Never See You Again” have spent many months in the top 200 on the majors list in the US for radio airplay according to the Digital Radio Tracker Top 200 charts. On the independent charts, Sarantos has hit the top 10.

Sarantos prides himself on not releasing robotic music. In a live concert or on the radio, Sarantos music is authentic and real. It has imperfections like genuine human music should. He is always trying to sound different musically, lyrically and vocally. He does not want fans or critics to get bored with his efforts. Despite the momentum and continued traction, Sarantos still has not turned a profit since he gives away all of his songs, videos and books for free and of course, everything costs money to make. That said, Sarantos donated $2,000 anyway in 2015 to the various charities that were picked by fans for his songs. It’s not much but every little bit counts. Hopefully this number will continue to increase as his journey continues.

Sarantos currently has over 1.3M Social Media followers and has been rated #1 on Reverbnation in the pop genre worldwide at various times. Sarantos performed at the Toronto Music Festival in May to a sold out live audience. Sarantos music receives rave reviews and he relishes this chance to pursue his life-long dream.

With new hit tunes waiting to be released every single month until the day he dies, Sarantos music screams success and stimulates an overdue conversation in the always-changing music industry. Sarantos loyal fans continue to tune in daily for his heartfelt social media posts. His songs are being broadcast every day on various radios stations around the globe. Sarantos continues to do weekly interviews and fans can listen in on some at his YouTube channel. Please forget his funny, sarcastic, witty and genuine music videos that leave his fans not knowing what to expect next. Sarantos never sticks to just one theme or one emotion. He doesn’t want fans to get bored with lame music videos that are common in the industry. What will he try next?

There will always be plenty of buzz as Sarantos strives to release something new to his fans every single week! Every year until the day he dies, Sarantos will release a new song on the 1st Tuesday of every month, a new music video on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, a book chapter from his fiction/fantasy book on the 3rd Tuesday of every month, and a new Uncut Behind The Scenes video on the 4th Tuesday of every month. A new CD & book will then be released every November along with a surprise CD. Every year. Forever.

Sarantos has been writing lyrics since 4th grade and is passionate about the words he puts to the music. Music was always in his blood. Music was always a passion and much more than a hobby. Sarantos has written over 2,600 songs! He always had an abnormal fascination with music, much to the expense of a normal personality development. At least Sarantos finds humor while being candid about “making more mistakes than anyone I know!”

Having undergone several personal challenges starting with his father passing away in 2010 after a long hard-fought battle with lung cancer, dealing with personal health issues like asthma, chronic allergies, eosinophilic esophagitis with a stricture the size of a straw, food allergies to almost everything, going thru life’s ups & downs, the timing was finally right to start pursuing his lifelong dream in 2014. And so it began. Sarantos main motivation remains, however, to raise money for charity.

33% of any music related sales are going straight to charity!

Sarantos has always been inclined to help people in need and is proud to release his music every month as a way to donate a portion of proceeds to charity, hopefully inspiring other artists to do the same. His fans help him choose the charity each month. Just a few of the charities chosen so far include the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Make-a-Wish Foundation, American Heart Association, St Jude’s, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Feed The Starving Children, The Trevor Project and many more.

The website, Melogia (which in Greek means “with words”) was established by Sarantos, an aspiring singer and song writer.

Learn more about Sarantos here: melogia.com Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram

Sarantos PerfectioniTunes & Apple Connect 

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Peter Antal Releases ‘Never Stop’ Onto World Wide Recordings http://www.genzel.ca/peter-antal-releases-never-stop-onto-world-wide-recordings/ http://www.genzel.ca/peter-antal-releases-never-stop-onto-world-wide-recordings/#respond Sun, 10 Jul 2016 03:16:36 +0000 http://genzel.ca/?p=92 peter-antal-never-stop-wild-recordings

Los Angeles DJ and producer, Peter Antal, released his latest track, ‘Never Stop,‘ onto World Wide Recordings in June and has received multiple plays and notable support from Best EDM Songs and Starfleet Music Pool.

Peter Antal has been releasing music on Soundcloud for four years with notable tracks such as a cover of ‘This Girl,’ a ‘We Will Rock You‘ remix, and a remake of ‘Super Love.’ As a producer and DJ, he has produced club house music, pop music, and has dabbled in a couple other genres, such as dubstep. Peter Antal discovered the artist, Zach, on Xfactor Hungary, and since has released six tracks half a year ago with collaboration with the vocalist.Zach has been a huge proponent of hip hop fashion and wears his grillz with every performance.

‘Never Stop‘ is an enjoyable track that is musically designed to be played in clubs and festivals. This four minute single from Peter Antal features female vocals and provides pop house vibes. Antal is sure to progress as an artist, find his niche as a producer, and focus his talents on a specific sound. You can get a sonos playbar that makes music sound so much better, here are some Sonos playbar review.

You can hear “Never Stop” on Generation Zel! Radio as well as sister station, AllHits 86.6, in regular rotation. Check out more from Follow Peter Antal on Soundcloud, and Follow World WIDE Recordings Via Facebook,YouTube,Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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Laurent Schark Selections #445 http://www.genzel.ca/laurent-schark-selections-445/ http://www.genzel.ca/laurent-schark-selections-445/#respond Wed, 06 Jul 2016 06:12:51 +0000 http://genzel.ca/?p=98 Tracklisting:
Sexofoniks – Le Fakinel (Original Mix)
LOOPERS – Seoul (Original Mix)
Swanky Tunes & Far East Movement – Entertain Us (Chris Bushnell Remix)
aUtOdiDakT, Kroyclub &YOL – Grilled Cheese
Tujamo feat. Inaya Day – Keep Pushin (Original Mix)
Tim3bomb – Get Money (twoloud Remix)
Arnold Palmer – Hey There Delilah (DBN Remix)
Damien N-Drix – Click (Original Mix)
Jay Silva Feat. Brosste Moor Ivo – So Fresh (Original Mix)
Snails & Botnek – Happy Hour (Original Mix)
Liberator – Game Over (Original Mix)
Light Years Away – When The Lightning Strikes (Extended Mix)
Morten – Fiyaa
Daydreamer – Swoon
LeMarquis – Thoughts

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Laurent Schark Selection Live July 2, 4pm EDT http://www.genzel.ca/laurent-schark-selection-live-july-2-4pm-edt/ http://www.genzel.ca/laurent-schark-selection-live-july-2-4pm-edt/#respond Sat, 02 Jul 2016 04:35:49 +0000 http://genzel.ca/?p=87 Catch Laurent Schark Live to air from 4pm to 9pm EDT, (9pm to 2am London UK time) LIVE on Generation Zel! Radio.


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DJ Profile: jANTT http://www.genzel.ca/dj-profile-jantt/ http://www.genzel.ca/dj-profile-jantt/#comments Thu, 30 Jun 2016 16:43:49 +0000 http://genzel.ca/?p=81 jantt1


Auzam a.k.a Jantt is a DJ ,Producer and Host of the Maldives, Island. At the young age of 12 jANTT started listening House Music. It didn’t take long to realize how much he loved Eloctronic music and related to it. His inspiration began when he heard the number one dj of the Maldives, DJ VIFAk. He got to spend time with best dj in town & around the World, like Daft Punk, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Agoria, Scooter Aka HB Baxxter. You can find jANTT these days bringing down the house as DJ and Host of the Maldives Island. Recently he has signed one of the biggest record label”The Groove Society” to release His Very first EP “Tropitronic” Released on June 03rd.You can hear the power of his music through the exotic sands, feel the electric vibes through the air, and the love and happiness it shares through the energy of the wonderful people. Listen for the music and Mixes of jANTT. “His keen ear and attention to detail has allowed him to express himself through the digital/electronic medium in ways that make you want to dance like there’s no tomorrow”

Follow jANTT on Facebook, and on Soundcloud


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KUMUSIC RADIO SHOW #129 http://www.genzel.ca/kumusic-radio-show-129/ http://www.genzel.ca/kumusic-radio-show-129/#respond Wed, 29 Jun 2016 15:21:53 +0000 http://genzel.ca/?p=78 Hear KuMusic Radio Wednesday nights at 8pm on Generation Zel! Radio.

This weeks Special Guest: ALEX GUESTA


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Laurent Schark Selections #444 http://www.genzel.ca/laurent-schark-selections-444/ http://www.genzel.ca/laurent-schark-selections-444/#comments Wed, 29 Jun 2016 02:41:13 +0000 http://genzel.ca/?p=1 Da Chick – Do The Clap (Mason’s Re-clap)
No Mana – Cube Thing (Original Mix)
Leukas – Animus
A-Trak Feat. Phantogram – Parallel Lines (Bart B More Remix)
Cazzette feat. Laleh – Blue Sky (Brohug Remix)
Sean Biddle – Freak Show (Rescue Remix)
Dressel, Daavar & Zeppeliin – Enjoy It (Original Mix)
Tungevaag & Raaban – Wolf (T&R Club Edit)
Carl Nunes Feat. Karra – Revolve (Extended Mix)
Feenixpawl – Everything I Needed (Marcus Santoro & Jason Forte Remix)
Superfreakz – Want You So 2.0 (Le Shuuk Remix)
Jochen Miller – Scope (Extended Mix)
Lucas & Steve – Make It Right (NICKYP Future Groove Remix)
Pex L – Teller (Original Mix)
M÷WE & Daniel Nitt – Lovers Friends (John Dahlback Extended Remix)

Laurent Schark

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KuMusic Radio Show #128 http://www.genzel.ca/kumusic-radio-show-128/ http://www.genzel.ca/kumusic-radio-show-128/#respond Wed, 22 Jun 2016 15:16:07 +0000 http://genzel.ca/?p=74 Hear KuMusic Radio Wednesday nights at 8pm on Generation Zel! Radio.


Part 1: M.C. FAGO & Glazersound
1) SILVIO CARRANO & DAVIDE SVEZZA DJ – We Are Free feat. Rodge (Radio Edit)
2) Daddy’s Groove – Tribe (La La Land Mix)
3) Dj Vartan – White Horse (Samuele Sartini & Big Tee 2016 Edit)
4) Galantis – No Money (Extended Mix)
5) twenty one pilots – Stressed Out (Dave Winnel Remix)
6) Faydee – Jealous (GIAN NOBILEE & AudioGerms Remix)
7) DJ Dan & Ido – That Sound
Part 2:
Guest of the week: Federico Scavo
1) René Amesz, Ferreck Dawn – Lord (Original Mix) :: Spinnin’ Deep
2) Fuzzy Hair – My Party People (Original mix) :: AREA 94 Records
3) Audión – Mouth To Mouth (Federico Scavo Remix)
4) Federico Scavo feat. Andrea Guzzoletti – Strump (Federico Scavo 2016 Remix):: d:vision records
5) Federico Scavo – Let’s all Chant (FS2016 Mix) :: Hotfingers Records
6) Michael Feiner – Mantra (Federico Scavo Remix) :: Axtone
7) Federico Scavo – Anima (Absolut Groovers Remix)::AREA 94


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Laurent Schark Selections #443 http://www.genzel.ca/laurent-schark-selections-443/ http://www.genzel.ca/laurent-schark-selections-443/#respond Wed, 22 Jun 2016 14:56:52 +0000 http://genzel.ca/?p=72 Tracklisting:
Lemaitre – Fiction (Coucheron Remix)
Axwell & Ingrosso – Thinking About You (Extended Mix)
Disco Fries Feat. Command Sisters – Earthquake (Arizon Extended Remix)
Naughty Boy Feat. Beyonce – Runnin Lose It All (The Rooftop Boys Remix)
Rihanna – Kiss it Better (Feenixpawl Remix)
Ed Sheeran – Sing (Syn Cole Remix)
Felguk – This Life (Extended Mix)
Pierce Fulton – Losing You (Original Mix)
Suspect 44 – Headlights (Extended Mix)
Pep & Rash – Love The One You’re With (Extended Mix)
Tommie Sunshine, Halfway House & Sarah Hudson – Can’t Get Enough (Extended Mix)
Madison Mars – Ready Or Not (Extended Mix)
Oskar Arvidsson – Time Travel (Original Mix)
Jauz & Ghastly – Ghosts ‘Ní Sharks (Original Mix)
Julian Jordan – Rebound (Original Mix)
Sexofoniks – Le Fakinel (Original Mix)

Sponsored by Chemion Glasses Canada

Laurent Schark

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