Ukrainian electronic dance music band “Soundstream” was established in 2008 by Denis Timish and Alexander Bulanov. Their music style can be described as a blend of HandsUp and 90s Eurodance.
Their first song entitled “Feels Like Heaven” was released on 09/17/2008 and this date is considered as band’s birthday. Since that time “Soundstream” released several albums, experimented with different electronic music genres and hit different radio stations around the world. Like any other band, “Soundstream” faced different problems and difficulties from time to time, which also resulted in line-up changes. Currently the band consists of:
– Ann Pazyura (lead vocalist)
– Yuriy Muktarov (rapper/MC)
– Denis Timish (keyboardist/producer/songwriter).


The real breakthrough began in 2016, when “Soundstream” for the first time won The Akademia Music Award in Los Angeles, California: their song “We Got The Sound” was nominated as “Best Dance Song”. Soon after that they signed to German label DMN Records, which is now a home of many well-known 90s dance artists, like Ice MC, Lane McCray (La Bouche), B.G. The Prince Of Rap, Linda Rocco (ex-Masterboy), A.K. Swift (ex-Magic Affair) and others.
The latest release of “Soundstream” is “Summer Nights” single. It was premiered in April 2018 on Densomaniak Radio (Bosnia and Herzegovina), but officially released worldwide on 06/15/2018. A music video was filmed one month later.

The single did well in several music charts like Juno UK Top-100, Swiss Dance Chart, Euro Indie Music Chart, LongeFM USA Top-10, and reached #1 in Drooble Radio Top-30, Eurodance Hitlist Top-50 and in RauteMusik FM Chart.
This year “Soundstream” celebrated its 10th anniversary and introduced a new version of their first hit – “Feels Like Heaven (Reloaded)”, which is available for free download on the band’s Soundcloud page.