NOUR MAESTRO is a new age EDM and experimental composer and DJ originally from Casablanca, Morocco. He is heavily influenced from other cultures around the world where he’s gained invaluable musical, educational, and life experiences. NOUR was raised with African and Oriental influences, moved to Paris at an early age where he was educated with a classical French and European approach, and later moved to New York where he adapted an American mindset. His international music style goes beyond the listener’s ears and takes you on a psychological and human journey which will leave you feeling connected to the people and world around you. With over 12 years of professional experience as a music composer, NOUR produces enigmatic and powerful EDM with a classical interpretation. NOUR MAESTRO embodies a mythical persona that lives both in and outside of his music.

UNIVERSAL is the latest album release from the experimental EDM DJ and composer, NOUR MAESTRO. UNIVERSAL is an electronic odyssey through the many cultural influences that NOUR encompasses as a citizen of the world. Each track is arranged with a classical approach and style, yet NOUR’s mythical persona comes to light with a new age and experimental take on modern electronic music. UNIVERSAL provides a look into the human soul and will connect people all over the world. The album is available for download on Bandcamp today.