Dance floor commander Win Marcinak is back on the scene with a brand new full-length dance music album titled, “Celebrate,” released today on Burning Tyger Music. The pulsating anthology features new songs, cover tunes, guest divas and rare commercially unreleased hit Billboard charting tracks. Already building a story is the album’s infectious cover of Three Dog Night’s “Celebrate,” featuring the incomparable Pepper Mashay, belting it out right along with Divo Win Marcinak. The “Celebrate” album also contains the new single “When Were All One,” featuring Kaylah Marin and Marcinak’s 2016 hit dance single, “Look Up to the Sky” with Jeanie Tracey.
“I started recording and releasing club songs about fifteen years ago now. Each track on this album has a story and luckily, were well-received by DJs and fans. Like a fine wine, they’ve all grown even better with age,” states Win Marcinak. “There are some delicious new tracks and remixes included that are the cherry on top of this labor of love.”

The concept for the “Celebrate” anthology incorporates a celebration of 15 years of the artist’s work in dance music. The album was also stimulated by Marcinak’s recent departure from San Francisco and his move back to the Midwest in Grand Rapids, MI where he grew up. The collection of songs features some rare, unreleased and remixed dance tracks from Marcinak’s biggest hits. To round it all out, Marcinak has included two brand new songs: a self-penned club anthem titled, “When Were All One” featuring San Francisco based diva vocalist Kaylah Marin and a club cover version of Three Dog Night’s “Celebrate” featuring international dance diva Pepper Mashay. Floors will shake with pulsating beats and giant vocals, as the new “Celebrate” dance mixes from Peter Monk, Dirty Disco, Rich Earnshaw, Tony “Badtone” Iannone and Silverland hit the house.

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As a special treat, Win Marcinak included a special featured appearance on the package: the voice of Exposé diva Gioia Bruno, sampling “Dirty Cash” against Marcinak’s male divo vocals on the “Collision Mix” of “Kiss & Tell.” Marcinak has also produced a fiery updated 2017 remake of Kajagoogoo’s timeless ‘80s classic “Too Shy” featuring DJ Timmy Loop. Dance music lovers will recall Marcinak’s 2006 career break-through cover of “Too Shy,” which infiltrated dance floors with the help of legendary record promoter Harry Towers.
“This year has been unbelievable in terms of change and celebration for me,” states Marcinak. “I left my heart in San Francisco and returned home to Grand Rapids, Michigan to experience a new love of life. I have no regrets and I am celebrating where I have been and exactly where I am. Everyone, come and celebrate with me!”
Tracks included in the “Celebrate” full-length album:

1. Celebrate – Peter Monk Mix
2. Celebrate – Original Mix by Tony “BadTone” Iannone
3. Celebrate – Silverland Dub
4. Too Shy 2017 featuring DJ Timmy Loop
5. When Were All One – Josh Harris Mix
6. When Were All One – Dirty Disco Mix
7. When Were All One – Rich Earnshaw Dub Mix
8. Look Up to the Sky with Jeanie Tracey
9. Kiss & Tell – Collision Mix Featuring Gioia Bruno on Dirty Cash
10. Kiss & Tell
11. In My Heart
12. Don’t You Want Me?
13. Mighty Real
14. We Are What We Are
15. Rock Steady
16. Love You
17. Love Vibration

About Win Marcinak:
Dance floor commander Win Marcinak is back on the scene with a new dance album titled “Celebrate” featuring new songs, cover tunes, guest divas and rare unreleased hit dance remixes. Last year Marcinak released the single titled “Look Up to the Sky!” co-produced by the legendary house diva Jeanie Tracey. This year, Marcinak returns with a stupendous round up of club tracks due out soon. Win Marcinak, a man of many talents, is a storyteller songwriter, vocalist and classical dancer turned instructor in the vibrant San Francisco arts scene. Reminiscent of Andy Bell’s lilting vocals, Win Marcinak’s voice styling encapsulates the robustness of a warm and glowing technique crashed with a brilliant Euro-pop approach, which resonates far beyond the boy band gimmicky sound of today. Win Marcinak’s smooth and velvety vocal, often compared to the voices of Boy George and Limahl floating over sophisticated electro production. A seasoned performer, Win has been touring throughout the country for the last two decades; singing and dancing in famous clubs and auditoriums everywhere. In 2004, Win released his full-length CD titled ‘In My Heart,’ which spawned several dance hits including the title track, ‘It’s A Dream’ and the unforgettable cover of Kajagoogoo’s ‘Too Shy.’ The songs were licensed by DMX Music and immediately turned into staples at a variety of venues and clubs around the world. Win Marcinak has also been featured on Ultra’s ‘Mad About the Boy’ compilation. In 2008, Win unleashed his smash-up single ‘Kiss & Tell’ – a reinvention of the pop rock Bryan Ferry classic. Making a special featured appearance on the package was the voice of Exposé diva Gioia Bruno sampling “Dirty Cash” against Marcinak’s male Divo vocals. Win is back to win it all!